Why Choose Medical Over Recreational Marijuana






With all the choices of dispensaries in the Roaring Fork Valley, You might wonder why you would want a Medical Marijuana only facility. Several key differences separate a medical and recreational business. Medical products are held to a higher standard by comsumers. They tend to be stronger and cleaner than recreational products. The max dosage of a recreational edible is 10 milligrams.


Medical is allowed to produce a much more concentrated product. Aspen Roaring fork Wellness carries products like a 4oz peanut butter with 900 milligrams of THC! Medical products are produced in smaller batches which allows higher quality control. The flower is grown in smaller cultivations with medical standards.


Not to mention the tax rate. Recreational shoppers can expect to pay a  15% retail marijuana state excise tax included in the price of your purchase, in addition to a 12.9% state tax plus the local sales tax. Medical shoppers are exempt from the 15% retail marijuana state excise tax and 10% of the state sales tax. Depending on your shopping habits the tax savings can pay for the price of your medical card very quickly.


Aspen Roaring Fork Wellness has a focus on patient care. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest choices in medical products available. Shops that go recreational seem to focus on that side of the industry. We are dedicated to medical patients with a need for higher quality, better priced medicine. Our knowledgeable bud tenders want to make sure you leave with exactly the medicine you desire and the confidant information you need.


Please ask questions, make requests, challenge us to provide you with the highest possible care and service.


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