We were just featured on Grassroots TV!

We are so thankful to be a part of Dr. Tom Lankering’s “Healthy Lifestyles” show.





It was an honor to have an opportunity to share our experiences with medical marijuana. The show’s focus is on alternative medicine. We at Aspen Roaring Fork Wellness are also extremely focused on alternative options to prescription drugs. Our well educated staff is learning all the time the most up to date information about viable sources to alleviate pain and suffering. We have a variety of products to give swelling, pain, irritation and tension relief. The best part of my day is finding a medicine that works for a patient. Chip discusses with Dr. Lankering an array of issues covering the safety, use and availability of different medicine. Thanks to Grassroots TV! Fixed the link below!

Check out the Show linked here: http://www.grassrootstv.org/view?showID=14108


What are your thoughts?