Snow Day After Christmas

A.R.F.W. hopes you had a fantastic holiday. The snow has fallen. We had 6 inches on the deck this morning. We know you are going to get out in the snow and play. Maybe you need something to make your play more fun. A.R.F.W. has stocked all your favorite treats. Including…


Mountain Medicines are stocked.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Peanut Butter Pie Bars!








Sweet Mary Jane’s Edibles

Key Lime, Chai, and Mocha Truffles

True confections Peanut butter pretzelstrue confections

Mint Chill Brownies

Bomb fudge truffles.












$2 Jack The Ripper Joints!

Get this amazing deal before they sell out. $2 joints go fast.


What are your thoughts?