Pain and Strain Relief- CBD and THC-A

The snow has turned to ice with our freeze-thaw cycle. If you have been out riding on the chop or you have caduceusspent the days chipping ice off sidewalks, you no doubt have some pain and strain. Your friendly neighborhood medical shop has some fantastic products to provide you with relief.


CBD rich medicine with known pain and stress relieving effects. CBD is shown to provide comfort for Crohn’s disease, PTSD, Multiple Scleroses, Epilepsy, and seizure. 


THC-A rich medicine is proving to be anti-inflammatory, neuralgic relief, non-psychoactive , anti-emetic, anti-proliferative, sleep inducing,  THC-A and it’s benefits are just becoming understood.




Caramel Canna-chews

50MG of CBD-$8 for members. Tasty chew, affordable starting point for CBD treatment.


Stratos  Tablets

1-1, 2-1, or  15-1 CBD tablets.  We also carry THC Tablets- indica, sativa, or hybrid specific for sleep or stress free energy. Easy to digest, quick acting, fast absorption tablets, these are great to ease pain or adjust mood for those looking for a no chew edible.


House Grown Tincture

This tincture extracted from a CBD heavy strain “Freebird” is fantastic for anyone wanting to try an affordable entry to tinctures or CBD. $8 for members! Great for mouth/ jaw pain or general pain relief. From our grow to your comfort.


CBD Heavy Strains

We have several CBD heavy strains of flower. Superb for pain and stress relief. Check out our “LUCY” strain. The tastiest, sweetest smoking CBD strain we have ever seen.


Green Dragon Black CBD Oil

Half gram of pure CBD. This is concentrated CBD for patients searching for a pure uncut extraction.


Apothecanna Pain Creme and Spray

Regular and extra strength pain creme and spray’s are so soothing. Knee Pain? Joint Pain? This product gives on-contact relief for your overworked muscles.


Mary’s Medicinals CBD Capsules and Compound

CBD and CBN Capsules, Mary’s makes a great extraction, they offer CBN and CBD specific capsules as well as a 1-1 CBD compound that is salve like and fantastic for topical use.




EVOLAB- Angel Salve

 This Angel Salve just won first place for best topical in the Denver Cannabis Cup. One smell of it’s aromatic bouquet and you will know why. Alleviating both muscle pain and skin irritation, this salve is high in THC-A, swelling and inflammation relief abounds.


Sweet Mary Jane’s THC-A Extract

1 gram of pure THC-A digestible. This is concentrated THC-A for patients searching for a clean pure uncut extraction.


RE-Leaf Tinctures

Tinctures by Re-Leaf are alcohol free tinctures that offer a 1-1 and 2-1 CBD extraction as well as a THC-A extraction. We also carry a THC Delta-9 tincture that is great for appetite stimulation and stress relief. The THC-A tincture is fantastic for animals! Non-psychoactive relief for your pets.


Caregivers For Life- Colorado Cannabis Oil

This is a Colorado special. You have probably heard talk about Rick Sampson Oil, also known as Phoenix Tears or Charlotte’s Web. cannabis oil is a harmless non addictive natural medication that can be used with great success, to cure or control cancer, MS, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depression, sleeping problems and provide comfort and relief for ailing patients. Stories of the success with cannabis oil are becoming wide known. 


ARFW is so happy to offer these fine products. We are constantly testing new medicine and researching the latest information to provide you with the most up to date and effective medicine available. Thank you for choosing us as your medical provider.



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