Green Hill Lab Testing Results!


Aspen Roaring Fork Wellness is so proud to announce our clean test results.


A new marijuana testing facility has opened in Carbondale and we have received test results on several strains and our House Flower Shatter.


We had our House Flower Shatter tested for all microbial. The shatter came back with Non Detected ratings for E coli and Salmonella, totally clean! We also had the total yeast and mold count come in at 180 CFU-g. The State of Colorado allows for 10,000 CFU-g before the product is in violation. We are so happy with these results. Our House Shatter is comprised of a mix of all our flowers. This means all our flower combined and tested comes out clean and microbial minimal. We spend much effort and time on sterility and clean, safe, growing and processing. These test results confirm that from seed to sale, this hard work to supply you with the highest quality, cleanest medicine available has been worth the effort. 


We also had several strains tested for potency. ARFW is very pleased with our results. In the 1990’s the average THC concentration in flower was 1%-4%. With advance growing techniques and gene manipulation the average marijuana plant contains around 13% THC today. We had 8 different strains tested and they ranged from 13%- 18% THC. Placing us at or above average on potency with our strain selection. 6 of those 8 were right around 17%! We are tilting the bell curve!


I would also like to call out our Rockstar Kush strain that came in at a killer 18%. This high yielding dank indica makes rolling a dream with trichome coated buds that release skunky and kushy undertones when broken. It also definitely makes a big entrance. The indica comes through almost immediately with an expanding smoke, but levels out into very relaxing effects, and isn’t too overwhelming after the initial peak. A great appetite stimulant and a huge winner for anyone dealing with pain.


Testing our products is just one of the many ways we ensure our medicine is high quality, clean, and full of love. We value your business and will continue to work at providing you the top shelf flower you have come to expect from your friendly neighborhood dispensary. Thank You.

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