Search Google Maps by our name “Aspen Roaring Fork Wellness;” NOT our address. Google maps giving directions to our address (24505 Highway 82, Basalt) will send you to the wrong place despite five years trying to get Google to correct this. We share the Holland Hills Business Center with ABCD Soderberg and Gallegos and we are directly across the street from the controversial marijuana grow facility that was build in 2014. At night look for white lights illuminating our staircase and front upstairs windows. See picture below to know what our building looks like.




When driving down valley we are on the right side of the highway. After passing through Snowmass Canyon we are 2.4 miles from the Conoco station. You will pass under a pedestrian overpass bridge; then you will see the Holland Hills bus stop and Bishop Lane on the right. This is the best time to turn on your blinker so that folks pulling out of Bishop Lane don’t cut you off in the turning lane. Get in the right turn lane to turn off the highway A.S.A.P.  after Bishop lane. We are the very next driveway.



When driving up valley we are on the left side of the highway. After passing the last stop light out of basalt (Two Rivers Road) we are 0.6 miles further. You will pass the Roaring Fork Club, Isberian Rug Company and Aspen Rent-All on the left. Get into the middle turning lane when you see the Rent-All trucks and you will find us in the second driveway after Aspen Rent-All on the same side of the street.