Concentrates and Extracts!

Your local medical shop has stocked some amazing products this week.



Craft Concentrates

Have you tasted Craft extracts yet? we have tried companies up and down Colorado, Craft produces some of the best product we have carried. We have 9 strain specific extracts of wax and shatter from Craft. We also have butane wax, shatter, and propane wax pulled from our house flower. Craft does a fantastic job with our house flower and we offer it for an incredible $25 a gram for members.



Growing Kitchen Extract

6 strain specific concentrates for a great price of $35 a gram for members. Unbeatable price.


Evolab- CO2 Extracted Sap

So tasty and pure. CO2 offers a delicious benign chemical extraction.


Nectar Bee- Keef

Water extracted keef 1/2 grams for $12, great price for an old school favorite.


Keef Cola- Oil Stix

Double Extract 95.1% total cannabinoids! Incredible potent concentrate, these will not last long!

What are your thoughts?