“420” Our Marijuana Culture Holiday

hwy-420-logoOrigins of 420 are debated. Everyone has their version. What is known is the term has existed since the early 70’s. The Grateful Dead embraced the term and brought it to mainstream culture. It progressed from a time of day to smoke marijuana to an entire day of celebration. April 20th has unofficially been adopted as a celebration of all things marijuana.

Years of activism have shifted the national view of marijuana and here in Colorado 4/20 is a day to embrace our fantastic and booming new industry that is bringing unparalleled revenue to our beautiful state. We are so lucky to be on the frontier of this cultural shift. So this 4/20 take a moment to love the fact that we are involved in this moment in history, a brave new world.

In celebration of 420 we will have a special all day on Wednesday, April 20th. Come in and get a $4 Candese edible and $20 gram of House Wax.

A super deal to make your 420 extra special. It’s going to be a great holiday this year and we want to extend our thanks for making us your dispensary of choice. Have jubilant and celebratory cultural festivities!

What are your thoughts?