Happy Holidays 2016


With the holidays next week, we are excited to share this magic time of year with all you great residents of The Roaring Fork Valley. We have fully stocked our store with soothing, relieving medicine to help you through this sometimes trying time of year. We also have a great new stock of dabbing and smoking gear. lots of products to spoil yourself for all your hard work this year. I will highlight just a few of the fantastic items we have in stock for your holiday and end of year celebrations.




We have Colorado Hive Rig Sets from Bee-Nail! This beautiful set comes with everything you need to start electronic dabbing.






light_colibri_hookah_assortFirebird Torches and Premium Butane from Colibri









Keef cola 100mg soda are on the shelf. We have Cherry, Root beer, and orange. Carbonated delight to rush medicine to your system.





mountain meds

Mountain Meds Pie Bar returns! Apple and Blueberry are now stronger at 300mg and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie Bar is tasty and potent at 350mg.





MediblesOvalMedibles have come back in stock. We have 100mg Chewbles in Sativa and Indica, 60mg Candease Pot Rox in indica and Sativa with lots of different flavors. Tri-treats are also back. 50mg truffles in various styles that pack a delicious punch.




tincture belleTincturebelle has some of the strongest edibles available, their 900mg peanut butter and 950mg Nutella spread will set your holiday right. We also have a variety of their 200mg “Kandy Bars” that come in a delightful mix of flavors.





This is just a small sample of the products we have in stock to help elevate the end of your 2016. We at your friendly neighborhood dispensary are so thankful for your patronage.


We will be closed Sunday, December 25th for Christmas &

 Sunday, January 1st for New Years Day.


We look forward to great things in the next year and ARFW will be here to ensure you have access to all your medical needs. Happy Holidays!







What are your thoughts?